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Robin Small - Not Too Close


Robin Small wandered wide in avoidance of all things - hard to touch.

Footnote:  Perhaps this Robin is eluding to the avoidance of feeling emotion and the fear of intimacy and relationships.   He comes armed with arrow but not with bow, perhaps symbolic of avoiding aiming for something - the fear of missing?   Missing out? 

Without a bow his arrow also cannot claim a heart and this may save him from engaging in meaningful relationships?  Maybe not just to save himself from hurt - but to save others from who he is yet to become? 

But Robin is brave and wise and will find a way to overcome his fears - going about it slowly, consciously and thoughtfully.

Find Robin Small in 'Clunk & Jam' book, second edition.

Written by Janine Browne — December 18, 2013

Robin Small - Awkward

 Robin Small was unbearably awkward in public, and so began the battle of - what to do with hands.

Robin is one of a collection of 6 characters that arrived in December, 2012. Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is less of a crusading sort - more an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time.  

Find Robin Small series in 'Clunk & Jam' book, second edition.

Written by Janine Browne — December 11, 2013

Wisdoms of Rose on Taking Time

Sometimes Rose couldn't account for the hours in her day.
Although Rose meets each day with a slight brief, she often drifts off, leaving her with no recollection of time gone astray - and where she was when it went.  She relishes this sweet form of freedom and the fruitful outcomes that arise from times when she does nothing of great significance at all - except maybe concentrating on her breathing.  Long live Rose.
Footnote:  For those of us who feel a touch guilty when we're not busy working through the 'to do' list.....this Rose is one to hold close.
Find Rose in 'Wisdoms of Rose' and 'Clunk & Jam' books.

Written by Janine Browne — December 11, 2013

Army of Ink - Hold Your Nose Situation

It was a hold your nose situation.....

Like getting out of bed some days.  Taking the next step - or a difiicult one.  Venturing into unknown or familiar but rather not go places.  Facing a lurking fear, a dreaded occasion - but always, always well prepared for the consequences of her actions. 

Find in 'Clunk & Jam' book, second edition.

Written by Janine Browne — November 03, 2013

Rose Breaks The Mould

Rose broke the mould.  A truly astounding feat.

Although an underachiever in academic fields, Rose is a star in self development and a high minder of her own identity.  She has made outstanding progress in finding for herself a sense of quiet achievement and direction - despite constant interruptions. She is also dedicated to researching sources of content other than incoming gratification - and acknowledgement from adult figures or male dominated establishments.

Rose exhibits no desire to possess parental powers of manipulation, authority or control, or the conservatism that comes with maturity - all of which would spoil the spontaneity she is free to leap into at any unguarded moment. Rose continues valiantly reaching towards newly found desires and pickings ripe for her own taste, mostly of the underground and obscure variety - which appear to mark her path to somewhere different to where others would like her to remain.

Long Live Rose.

Footnote:  What's so admirable about Rose is that she's not governed by the approval of others.  She's resilient (or oblivious maybe) to any form of negative influence.  She's fresh and spontaneous - and odd in very good way. 

You'll find her in a book of her own called 'Wisdoms of Rose' and in 'Clunk & Jam' second edition book.

Written by Janine Browne — February 20, 2013

Rose The Transformer


Rose liked to save the flowers from dying .

Rose enjoys rendering her world with things of great visual delight.  She spends lengthy periods absorbed in personal and worldly examination, surround by things of great beauty, interest and pleasure, all of which assist in easing the trespassing of time - and the invasion of unfortunate thoughts.  Long Live Rose.

Footnote:  It feels like this Rose is eluding to the transformation of things.  The possibility of taking one thing and turning it into something else.  Maybe a bad thing into something good.  An old thing into something new.  A worry into an insight.  A hard time into possibility for something better - different.  Or simply preserving something worth preserving maybe? 

The transformation and preservation of flowers is perhaps also a metaphor for the transformation and preservation of the 'self'?  

Find Rose in 'Wisdoms of Rose' and 'Clunk & Jam' (2nd edition) books.

Written by Janine Browne — February 16, 2013