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Clunk & Jam Second Edition

In January 2019, with stock of Clunk & Jam low, I started preparing for the second edition.  Thinking it would need just a quick edit.  May is closing in and printing is now scheduled for September 2019.  



From the bones of the first edition, it has evolved to include 100 pages of new content, 6 new character series and a complete re-type (on a old typewriter).


Each page is put together in bits and pieces.   I scan each image into the computer.  Then the paper with hand typed text.  Saved these as JPEG images. Then they're put together the computer to create each page.   Some pages are made up of over 12 pieces. 



Pages numbers are typed on the old typewriter too, scanned into the computer and inserted into each page.


The pages are then printed out and checked.  Any editing (or not happy with how it sits on the page) means back to the beginning.  Some pages requiring dozens of 'takes' (printings).  There are 200 pages in the book.  The original Clunk & Jam took 3 years to create.


Dinner becomes tricky.


There comes a point where I stick all the pages up on the wall.  Like solving a complex crime, they get moved around until it all makes better sense.

Once complete, the printing company produce proof sheets which I need to check and sign off on.  From there plates are made for the offset printing press.  Then printing begins.  To be continued ....   (meanwhile see Wisdoms of Rose being printing on the 'Making Books' page). 

Written by Janine Browne — April 29, 2019

Rose On The Wall


Very grateful that Rose has a permanent place in FOUND at Fremantle Art Centre - thanks to Pia and her warm as toast team.

Written by Janine Browne — November 07, 2018

Wisdoms of Rose Pocket Book


Rose has arrived in this beautifully crafted, 100% locally made pocket book available across Perth in the warm independent bookstores below.  If you've ever wondered how books are made, pop into the 'Making Books' web page for the thoroughly interesting filmed story of Rose's arrival.  

Fremantle Art Centre, FOUND, New Edition Bookshop & Paper Bird, Fremantle.  Saga Books, South Fremantle.  Crow Books, Victoria Park.  Diabolik Books & records, Mt Hawthorn.  Planet Books, Mt Lawley & Northbridge.  Lane Bookshop, Claremont.  Rabble Books & Games, Bayswater. Collins Bookstore, Cottesloe.  Subiaco Bookshop.  The Well Bookstore, Applecross.  

Written by Janine Browne — October 23, 2018

Fremantle Art Centre Installation in FOUND

Installation in place to coincide with the opening of the FAC Print Award.  Will remain on display until the Award concludes on 4th November.  Books and dry-point prints available in FOUND artisan gift shop at the Art Centre.




Paste-up of Rose and Robin in FOUND.


Written by Janine Browne — October 23, 2018

Artist Talk - Fremantle Art Centre FOUND, Saturday 15th September, at 1pm





To coincide with the opening of the Fremantle Art Centre Print Award, Thursday 13th September at 6.30pm, I'll be doing an installation in the glass cabinet outside FOUND gift store at FAC.   Books and dry-point prints will be available in FOUND.  Pop down on Saturday afternoon and join me for a relaxed Artist Talk about how the collection evolved through underground publishing, and the creative process of making both the handmade and published books.   Hot of the press, 'Wisdoms of Rose', is now available in FOUND. Happy to sign books on the day for you - and questions are very welcome. 

Written by Janine Browne — September 08, 2018

Clunk & Jam in Bookstores

Clunk and Jam is now available in Perth, Western Australia at ... Fremantle Art Centre, FOUND giftshop.  . New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle.  Crow Bookshop, Victoria Park.  Planet Bookshop, Northbridge and Mount Lawley.  Subiaco Bookshop, Rokeby Road, Subiaco. Beaufort Street Books, Mount Lawley.  The Well Bookshop, Applecross.  Collins Booksellers, Cottesloe.  Lane Bookshop, Claremont. Diabolik Books & Records, Mt Hawthorn.  Rabble Books and Games, Maylands.  Thank you to these independent booksellers for their support.


Written by Janine Browne — May 13, 2018

Long Live Books

 Imagine a world without books ....

Written by Janine Browne — May 15, 2013

Robin Small On The Street




Pakenham Street, Fremantle.

Written by Janine Browne — November 13, 2017

Army of Ink Lost Her Key

Some days she felt like a wind-up toy that had lost its key .

Written by Janine Browne — September 14, 2015