Browne Ink Studio


Artist/Poet/Founder of The Black Dog Project.  Based in Perth, Western Australia. 

Below are some of the small, but ever heroic friends you may like to welcome into your world.  Find them in the Blog and Bookshop/Gallery  ...


The Army of Ink Collection.  Affectionately known by their followers as 'The Army of Ink', these girls are delightfully defiant, and ooze with a contagious sense of strength and personal power. They champion for individuality and difference and are great to have along side you as you venture through life, love, loss and the tricky process of self exploration. Since 2007, over 100 'Inks' have arrived and been given a place in beautiful books and cards you can collect and keep close.   Available inBookshop/Gallery.


'Robin Small Collection'.  Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not the crusading sort, he's more of an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time. He is apprehensive in nature and within the modern world, yet stands firmly in his vulnerability. He is wise and brave in his own life and journey - and the steps he takes towards a future of his own making.  Arriving in December 2012, the collection stands quietly at 6 Robins and is availabe in theBookshop/Gallery.

Wisdoms of Rose Collection (available July 2013).  Rose is an independent promoter of self acceptance - and indulgence.   A star in personal development and a high minder of her own identity. She is comfortable in herself, resolved and content in following her own path.  Her stories read like a dream school report - with a quirky, and often very funny, twist.  15 Roses arrived mid 2012 and are available in the Bookshop/Gallery.



The Joker

The Joker was inspired by the Batman movie and also the French tightrope walker, Phillipe Petit, who strung a wire between the twin towers in New York and did the impossible.  Ultmately an inspiring story about making the impossible - possible.  You'll find him in the Clunk & Jam book and in the BOy Pocket Card Collection.  SeeBookshop/Gallery.

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