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Through the mediums of books, street art, poetry, and dry-point prints, Janine's work offers an upbeat perspective on the value of individuality and difference - smallness and imperfection.

The ever-growing collection of heroic characters cheer us on to boldly explore personal and worldly challenges - and our own good potential.

Janine Browne (JB) is a Perth Artist/Poet and Founder of The Black Dog Project

Instagram @browneink.

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The Army of Ink Collection.  Affectionately known by their followers as 'The Army of Ink', these girls are delightfully defiant, and ooze with a contagious sense of strength and personal power. They champion for individuality and difference and are great to have along side you as you venture through life, love, loss and the tricky process of self exploration. Since 2007, over 100 'Inks' have arrived and been given a place in beautiful books and cards you can collect and keep close.   Available inBookshop/Gallery.


Tales of Robin Small (book).  Although inspired by the Super Hero of ancient times, Robin Hood, Robin Small is not the crusading sort, he's more of an outsider who is simply heroic in his own time. He is apprehensive in nature and within the modern world, yet stands firmly in his vulnerability. He is wise and brave in his own life and journey - and the steps he takes towards a future of his own making.  Arriving in December 2012, the collection stands quietly at 6 Robins and is availabe in theBookshop/Gallery.

Wisdoms of Rose (book).  Rose is an independent promoter of self acceptance - and indulgence.   A star in personal development and a high minder of her own identity. She is comfortable in herself, resolved and content in following her own path.  Her stories read like a dream school report - with a quirky, and often very funny, twist.  15 Roses arrived mid 2012 and are available in the Bookshop/Gallery.



Clunk and Jam book.

Clunk and Jam is a 200 page collection of Janine's art, poetry and stories exploring themes of difference and disconnection; the notion of the Super Hero and overcoming impossible things; following dreams; and finding a sense of place .  (Cover art kindly contributed by Stormie Mills and within by Harley Manifold ).


Amelia Bloom (Dreamer by Trade)  book

Amelia understands how broken everything is, yet she invests in her dreaming.  Not only for herself, but for others.  Her French inspired imagination paints a beautiful picture of a world full of hope and peace. The series (and book) gently remind us of the magic of dreaming and its ability to create a better world.

Amelia came to life in January 2015, in response to the attack on the Charlie Hebdo independent publishing house in Paris.  In the current political climate, she remains relevant - and ever hopeful.

The Dead Bird Theory (book)

A very black comedy about dealing with people who do shitty things by imagining they are dead birds.  Like those who don't invite you.  Racists.  Those who don't reply to emails.  Those who don't say thank you.  Those who look down their noses.  NB:  No living birds were killed in the making of the book.

Books available in Western Australia from:  Fremantle Art Centre, FOUND giftshop.  New Edition Bookshop, Fremantle.  Lane Bookshop, Claremont.  Crow Bookshop, Victoria Park.  Planet Books, Mt Lawley and Northbridge.  Collins Booksellers, Cottesloe.  The Well Bookshop, Applecross.   Subiaco Bookshop, Subiaco.  Beaufort Street Books, Mt Lawley.  Diabolik Books & Records, Mt Hawthorn. Rabble Books and Games, Maylands.


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