Browne Ink Studio

Rose wasn't cursed with good looks.

Rose is free from any expectation to be abnormally beautiful 24/7, which leaves her undefinable by looks alone - and alone she is.  Consequently, Rose rarely receives invitations of the social kind but isn't bothered by being omitted in this way.  In fact, it affords her three good things.  One, more time to herself.  Two, being left alone to be herself.  And three, to live within the containment of her own tangible world. 

With such a high level of self acceptance, Rose manages to by-pass all standard dress codes and cosmetic alterations of the conforming and horribly constricting kind - and mirrors.  Long Live Rose.

Find Rose in her own pocket book, 'Wisdoms of Rose' and 'Clunk & Jam' second edition book.  (See Stockists )

Written by Janine Browne — April 11, 2015