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Rose liked to save the flowers from dying .

Rose enjoys rendering her world with things of great visual delight.  She spends lengthy periods absorbed in personal and worldly examination, surround by things of great beauty, interest and pleasure, all of which assist in easing the trespassing of time - and the invasion of unfortunate thoughts.  Long Live Rose.

Footnote:  It feels like this Rose is eluding to the transformation of things.  The possibility of taking one thing and turning it into something else.  Maybe a bad thing into something good.  An old thing into something new.  A worry into an insight.  A hard time into possibility for something better - different.  Or simply preserving something worth preserving maybe? 

The transformation and preservation of flowers is perhaps also a metaphor for the transformation and preservation of the 'self'?  

Find Rose in 'Wisdoms of Rose' and 'Clunk & Jam' (2nd edition) books.

Written by Janine Browne — February 16, 2013