Browne Ink Studio

Rose broke the mould.  A truly astounding feat.

Although an underachiever in academic fields, Rose is a star in self development and a high minder of her own identity.  She has made outstanding progress in finding for herself a sense of quiet achievement and direction - despite constant interruptions. She is also dedicated to researching sources of content other than incoming gratification - and acknowledgement from adult figures or male dominated establishments.

Rose exhibits no desire to possess parental powers of manipulation, authority or control, or the conservatism that comes with maturity - all of which would spoil the spontaneity she is free to leap into at any unguarded moment. Rose continues valiantly reaching towards newly found desires and pickings ripe for her own taste, mostly of the underground and obscure variety - which appear to mark her path to somewhere different to where others would like her to remain.

Long Live Rose.

Footnote:  What's so admirable about Rose is that she's not governed by the approval of others.  She's resilient (or oblivious maybe) to any form of negative influence.  She's fresh and spontaneous - and odd in very good way. 

You'll find her in a book of her own called 'Wisdoms of Rose' and in 'Clunk & Jam' second edition book.

Written by Janine Browne — February 20, 2013