Browne Ink Studio

The Dead Bird Theory Handmade Book

This quirky 34 page book is a black comedy about dealing with shitty people who do shitty things.  Some are small shitty things like not saying 'thank you'.  Some are big shitty things that I don't care to mention.  And you end up know the story.   But....'The End' of this book brings 'The End' of feeling shitty.

The book has been written and illustrated using gauche paint.  It's handmade using recycled paper which has been recycled again from the misprinted pages of 'Clunk & Jam'.  Each of the book pages are folded and pile glued with the spine revealing dashes and slithers of the text and art in 'Clunk & Jam'.   The result is that no two spines are the same - so you have something completely original in hand.

You'll also find a date stamp within, archiving the day it came to life - or should that be death?  (NB:  No birds were killed in the making of this book).