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Clunk & Jam (Second Edition, 2019)

Clunk & Jam (Second Edition 2019)

'Clunk & Jam is an alternative world I created for myself and to share a collection of all the heroic characters and all the stories that have helped me in times of struggle.  Help me feel less alone and more hopeful about the wider world despite the overwhelming sense of its brokenness.  It's a personal power source I keep close always and simply thought if I shared it, it might be useful to others too.'  JB

Within Clunk and Jam's 200 pages is a collection of art, stories, poetry and heart-warming characters like Robin Small, Amelia Bloom, the Army of Ink, Flipper Girl, the New Age BOy and Rose. (Typed on an old manual typewriter).


Written, illustrated and published by me, Janine Browne.  Cover art by Stormie Mills , contributing art within by Harley Manifold.  Created using recycled paper, vegetable based ink and thread binding.  Printed in Perth, Western Australia by an accredited environmental management systems printer.

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