Browne Ink Studio

Clunk & Jam (Second Edition).  Stockists.  Cover art kindly contributed by Stormie Mills).

Clunk & Jam has undergone a major edit and complete retype since its first release in 2017, to include an additional 100 pages of new content and artwork. 6 new character series including Robin Small, Amelia Bloom, Wisdoms of Rose, Flipper Girl, Rock The Boat Troops, 21 Friends Series and new Army of Ink characters. 



Beautifully crafted locally, kind on the planet and an absolute power source for all ages.  Quietly and solidly championing for individuality and difference in the community.

The book making process has also been filmed, some is currently available for viewing on Instagram @browneink and coming soon to the Blog page on this site.  We felt it important to share that unseen world of making books.  Keep that alive.


Art and stories within by Janine Browne, Perth, Western Australia, unless otherwise credited.  Additional art contributions within kindly by Harley Manifold , Melbourne, Victoria. 

See Stockists.  

Written by Janine Browne — September 15, 2019