Browne Ink Studio

In January 2019, with stock of Clunk & Jam low, I started preparing for the second edition.  Thinking it would need just a quick edit.  May is closing in and printing is now scheduled for September 2019.  



From the bones of the first edition, it has evolved to include 100 pages of new content, 6 new character series and a complete re-type (on a old typewriter).


Each page is put together in bits and pieces.   I scan each image into the computer.  Then the paper with hand typed text.  Saved these as JPEG images. Then they're put together the computer to create each page.   Some pages are made up of over 12 pieces. 



Pages numbers are typed on the old typewriter too, scanned into the computer and inserted into each page.


The pages are then printed out and checked.  Any editing (or not happy with how it sits on the page) means back to the beginning.  Some pages requiring dozens of 'takes' (printings).  There are 200 pages in the book.  The original Clunk & Jam took 3 years to create.


Dinner becomes tricky.


There comes a point where I stick all the pages up on the wall.  Like solving a complex crime, they get moved around until it all makes better sense.

Once complete, the printing company produce proof sheets which I need to check and sign off on.  From there plates are made for the offset printing press.  Then printing begins.  To be continued ....   (meanwhile see Wisdoms of Rose being printing on the 'Making Books' page). 

Written by Janine Browne — April 29, 2019